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Clorox Anywhere Wet 75 Wipes, Kids, Pet, Food Safe, Bleach-Free and Fragrance-Free

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  • One 75 count canister of Clorox Anywhere Wipes, Fragrance Free, are gentle enough to for kids to use, around pet areas and food dishes and food contact surfaces.
  • Cleaning wipes are perfect to use as your go to kitchen cleaner to power through tough grease and grime without having to rinse on food preparation surfaces.
  • With a plant based cleaning agent, safely clean surfaces throughout the home in one swipe, unlike a rag or paper towels that spread bacteria from surface to surface.
  • The bleach free, fragrance free, and plant based cleaning agent with a clear drying formula powers through tough grease, and grime with no harsh chemical fumes or residue.
  • Designed to be used on most surfaces disposable and are designed for most surfaces like hardwood, marble, appliances, kids toys, pet areas and will not harm acrylic, fiberglass, or vinyl surfaces.
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